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HIV Prevention & Testing


What You Need to Know


We have lived with HIV and AIDS for more than 40 years, since it was first recognized as an unexplained pattern of illnesses in 1981.  The epidemic has undergone many shifts and changes.  We have moved from a time of terror and crisis, through years of struggle and activism, until today, when breakthroughs in medications and treatments mean that HIV is a manageable illness.


As the face and demographics of HIV and AIDS continue to change, most basic facts about the disease remain the same.  Methods of transmission, the importance of safer sex and harm reduction practices, the need for open communication with your partners are still vital.  Arming yourself with this basic information about HIV is the first step to keeping yourself and your partner(s) informed and healthy.

HIV transmission is preventable.


It is essential for us all to be aware and educated about HIV. Knowing even the most basic information can help you protect yourself, your sexual partner(s), and anyone in your life from transmission.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment for a free, rapid HIV test

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Click HERE for more information on HIV, PEP & PrEP, safer sex supplies,

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