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IT's better to know
free + Confidential

No one wants to think that they might have acquired HIV.

The fear of wondering whether you are living with HIV can be paralyzing.


But when it comes to HIV, knowledge truly is power.


An early diagnosis and prompt treatment can halt the progression of the virus, enabling a person living with HIV to have a healthy life.


Knowing your HIV status enables you to avoid exposing others to the virus. Know that every step of the way, the supportive staff at BCAP will be with you, offering information, counseling, compassion, and advocacy.

BCAP provides free, rapid HIV testing at our Boulder office

and at community partner locations.

get tested

wE encourage you to get tested if:  

  • You’ve never been tested and you’re sexually active.

  • You’re sexually active and it’s been one year since your last HIV test.

  • You’ve had sex without a condom since your last HIV test.

  • You’ve had a condom break during sexual activity.

  • You’ve shared needles or works.


Whether your test is negative or positive, we are here for you.



Contact us directly at (303) 444-6121 or via email.

  • Are the programs and services at BCAP confidential?
    Yes. All information provided by a client is considered private and confidential as required by law.
  • What does it mean to be a "client" of BCAP"
    Once you are enrolled in our program you are eligible for case management, advocacy, financial assistance and our referral services. Since your enrollment in the program is voluntary, you can discontinue services at any time.
  • I just moved into town/I am newly diagnosed, how do I become a client?"
    Contact BCAP at 303.444.6121 to request case management services. Once we get your request, someone from the Case Management team will call you back within 48 hours. Be sure to bring your photo ID, proof of income, insurance card and HIV verification to your intake appointment, if you have them.
  • I was recently diagnosed with HIV and I don't have insurance, what should I do?"
    Options do exist. Contact a case manager for more details.
  • I have health insurance through work but my co-pays are really expensive and I can't afford to get my medication, is there any way to get help?"
    There is a program in Colorado called the Insurance Assistance Program that can assist with insurance premiums, co-pays and medication. The AIDS Drug Assistance Program can assist you with HIV and other related medications. Contact the case management team at 303.444.6121 for assistance.
  • What is a "Request for Care Services""
    When filling out a Request for Care Services, you indicate that you are HIV positive. You will be asked some basic questions including information on how to best reach you. You will be asked how you want us to identify ourselves when we call you back to schedule an intake appointment (e.g., Can we say BCAP? Should we just mention our first name?). Our phone calls come from a restricted, untraceable phone number. We guarantee your confidentiality and privacy from the very beginning.
  • What do I need to bring to my Intake Interview?
    1) Proof of HIV: copy of labs with T-cell (CD4) count and viral load or written statement from clinic or physician (we can help you get this if needed) 2) Proof of residency: utility bill, lease, mortgage statement, driver’s license with correct address on front 3) Photo ID: Colorado driver’s license, state or government issued ID 4) Proof of health insurance: Medicaid, Medicare or insurance card 5) Proof of income: one month of check stubs, current year’s tax return, profit and loss statement, bank statements, disability award letter
  • What if I am homeless or have no income?
    Simply let your case manager know at the time of the intake.
  • What if I am not a U.S. citizen or do not have a social security card?
    BCAP provides services to all people living with HIV in our service area regardless of citizenship status or residency. Simply let your case manager know at the time of the intake.
  • Do I have to be "clean and sober" to be a client?"
    No. We may recommend you kick the habit but if don’t want to or are not ready, we’re still here to help. In order to effectively help you, we do ask that not come into BCAP when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • What service area does BCAP serve?
    BCAP provides services to Boulder, Broomfield, Gilpin and Clear Creek Counties.
  • I want to move to Boulder. Can you help me find housing?
    In order to receive case management services you must provide proof of residence in Boulder, Broomfield, Gilpin or Clear Creek County. Area housing is expensive. Although BCAP has limited housing services, there are waiting lists for these programs.
  • I have insurance and am financially stable but don't know anyone else living with HIV, where can I meet people who understand what I am going through?"
    BCAP offers information about support groups in the community for people living with HIV/AIDS. With a referral from a case manager you can attend the group even if you don’t need our other services. BCAP hosts a monthy “Pozluck” potluck for clients and anyone living with HIV. Contact us to learn more.
  • Is BCAP a clinic?
    No. BCAP is a community based social service organization. We can link you to the clinic of your choice.
  • Can I still get services here if I'm not a client?
    Yes. Some limited services are available for non-clients.
  • Do you have information and services available in Spanish?
    Yes, BCAP has Spanish-speaking Case Managers. There is also written information available in Spanish.
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