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IT's better to know
free + Confidential

No one wants to think that they might have acquired HIV.

The fear of wondering whether you are living with HIV can be paralyzing.


But when it comes to HIV, knowledge truly is power.


An early diagnosis and prompt treatment can halt the progression of the virus, enabling a person living with HIV to have a healthy life.


Knowing your HIV status enables you to avoid exposing others to the virus. Know that every step of the way, the supportive staff at BCAP will be with you, offering information, counseling, compassion, and advocacy.

BCAP provides free, rapid HIV testing at our Boulder office

and at community partner locations.

get tested

wE encourage you to get tested if:  

  • You’ve never been tested and you’re sexually active.

  • You’re sexually active and it’s been one year since your last HIV test.

  • You’ve had sex without a condom since your last HIV test.

  • You’ve had a condom break during sexual activity.

  • You’ve shared needles or works.


Whether your test is negative or positive, we are here for you.



Contact us directly at (303) 444-6121 or via email.

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