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About Atlas

Building a Future Where HIV Transmission is Rare


A peer-based program to support HIV

awareness, responsibility, and service

Atlas is an HIV prevention program of Boulder County AIDS Project working to decrease HIV transmission among gay, bisexual, trans and other men who have sex with men in Colorado. Since 2006, Atlas has been supported by a committed group of volunteers who are active in the fight against HIV and AIDS. Our members help us improve our community through peer-based health and wellness programming.

it's betteR

to know

 Knowledge is Power     /    Get Tested

Early diagnosis and prompt treatment of HIV can help a person living with the virus to maintain a healthy life. Knowing your HIV status will help you avoid transmitting HIV to a sexual partner(s).


We encourage you to get tested if:

  • You’ve never been tested and you’re sexually active.

  • You’re sexually active and it’s been one year since your last HIV test.

  • You’ve had sex without a condom since your last HIV test.

  • You’ve had a condom break during sexual activity.

  • You’ve shared needles or works.

 Questions about HIV or HIV testing? Contact us  (303) 444-6121 or email


it's betteR


 There's Strength in Numbers   /    Get Involved

 Are you looking to make a difference in the fight against HIV and AIDS? How about collaborating with an active, inclusive community of volunteers and staff?


Well then, get involved with Atlas — because it’s our work together that will build a future where HIV transmission is rare.


Atlas has developed our membership and prevention services with the help and support of dedicated volunteers. We’ve united because we know that it’s possible to make a difference through fostering community, providing education and taking action. In contributing our talents, skills, and time, we provide welcoming and meaningful experiences for people to learn about HIV while promoting health and well-being.


In our endeavor to create a future where HIV transmission is rare, we have created a rarity of another sort: a diverse community that authentically supports and engages one another.


We truly are stronger together.

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what we do

 Atlas builds upon community expertise of paid staff and program volunteers to provide transformative contexts for HIV prevention, while building a sense of community among gay, bisexual, transgender and other men who have sex with men. Atlas program volunteers participate in a service learning program which connects them to the HIV epidemic through a meaningful, supportive, and active process.

Program volunteers meet monthly to work on dynamic program services, which include:

  • Community outreach events

  • Presentations and workshops

  • HIV testing and counseling, including PEP & PrEP navigation

  • Peer-to-peer support

  • Risk reduction materials


Atlas program volunteers actively participate in all aspects of producing and delivering program services, including advisory roles, administrative support, community networking, peer-to-peer discussions, resource distribution, HIV testing and counseling, event management, performance art, graphic design and curriculum development.

Ready to join us?  Just want to learn more? 


Mariah Frank
Prevention Director
(303) 444-6121 ext. 119

  • BCAP Facebook
  • BCAP Twitter
  • BCAP YouTube
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