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September Volunteer Spotlight Features Xach Huey

Xach Huey was born in Boulder and grew up in nearby Westminster, Colorado. A student at CU Boulder, Xach is double majoring in Political Science and Gender Studies, and pursuing a certificate (18 credit hours) in Queer Studies.

They had known BCAP’s Prevention Coordinator Garrett Rose before Garrett graduated from CU. Xach remembers seeing Garrett at Denver Pride two years ago and then running into him again in the fall of 2018. Soon afterward, the two met up to discuss what is involved in volunteering with BCAP’s Atlas prevention program. Xach remembers thinking, “I have free time and I want to use it this way. I care about HIV and want to learn more about it.”

Reflecting on their experience as an R.A., Xach says, "Students age 18 or 19 don’t know a lot about HIV, other sexually transmitted infections, or gayness.The word ‘stigma’ doesn’t even get to the root of what many people think about HIV. It is a taboo topic. HIV isn’t talked about; it’s thought of as a really scary thing that happens to people.” Xach's hometown of Westminster is not that conservative compared with many of the places other CU students come from, but Xach says their parents didn’t talk to them about these topics either.

Xach participated in BCAP’s Volunteer Training in March of this year and has been actively involved with Atlas and as a Front Desk Volunteer since then. Recently they volunteered at a private BCAP fundraiser for HIV-prevention (dressed as a ladybug!) and really enjoyed the event. Xach says they love the social aspect of Atlas’ community events. Getting to know other volunteers and community members outside of an office or school setting is a highlight. One Atlas event they especially appreciated, was the yoga class led by BCAP Front Desk Volunteer Ketul Arnold earlier this year.

In their role as a Front Desk Volunteer, Xach loves interacting with people who come in to access services. “I enjoy being part of the support people receive when they come in. I initiate conversation with the simple question, ‘What’s going on? Let’s chat as we shop in the food pantry!”

Xach adds, “It’s also been great getting to know BCAP’s professional staff in the office They are so nice and are doing their best to help people with HIV and to contribute toward the community.”

Xach, BCAP is so lucky you decided to become involved. You are helpful, cheerful and kind-hearted, and we all benefit from having you on our team!

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